Abdullah Khan asked 5 years ago

Aslam o laikum , My name is Abdullah Khan, I want to ask that why is point of view death is not clear to imams , some imams says something else some something , I want a clear answer, Actually im afraid of death, i do good deeds Alhamdulillah , I pray namaz , But still i fear death, I cannot travel because i fear death, I can see people who does bad deeds but still they are not afraid of death, I have alhamdulillah memorised all names of allah in order to avoid punishment of grave , I have alhamdulillah made a non muslim friend revert to islam and i still want to do more good deeds inshAllah , i just want to avoid fear of death, I fear because i don’t know what happens when person dies , where do we go , do we meet our family who passed away before us , or we’re just simply dead there is nothing , please help me out it will overcome fear of travelling  and anxiety , Thank You 🙂