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Assalamualaikum Imam,
I don’t have a particularly clear idea on fate, what God plans out for us and what is our own free will, as whether all that happens to us is fated. As i get older, i find myself truly scared of marrying someone that will not treat me well. It feels almost inevitable, so i don’t think i’ll necessarily be surprised when it happens, but of course i don’t want it to. My mother endured years of physical abuse, and most of the women in my direct family have ben hurt in some form or another, and so i can’t help but wonder if that was her fate. Sometimes it feels like it must have been, and so it may be mine, but that terrifies me. Somebody said that God does not make evil plans for us, for he loves us, but now i don’t know what to think. 
thank you!! for reading these largely incoherent thoughts of a 16 year old girl,  and in advance for giving me some clarity.