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esa beyene asked 8 years ago

salaam alakum

I am a convert to Islam.

I have been stranded now in Khartoum city(Sudan) for a while due to an unresolved student visa and I do not have a fixed abode.My intention was to study Arabic.

From Fajr until Zuhr I am outside and than I will go inside a mosque to avoid the Sun until magrib.

The heat in Khartoum can be very extreme at times bordering on unbearable and to make matters worse I do not have much money left and my clothes are in a bad state.

I am currently carrying my belongings around with me everywhere I go and I am sleeping rough. Plus my feet are very badly cut. (I am mentioning these details not for sympathy but to give you a picture of  my situation)

Now my gut tells, considering this bad situation I would count as a traveler and would be exempt from fasting when Ramadan comes upon us shortly. However in order to quiet my conscience I just would like you learned opinion on this matter and if I would be exempt.

I swear to Allah, I would love to have a home during Ramadan so I could fast during this blessed month but considering I am outside under the Sun for 6 hours or so, in what is essentially a desert city avoiding water may be difficult

Thank you brother for taking the time
Salam alakum