Fasting with asthma

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Zahra Sheikh asked 4 years ago

Salaam Shaykh,
Ramadan Kareem, may Allah swt blessings be upon you in this blessed month. 
I have a question about a chronic asthma sufferers fasting. Is it permissible if a person who requires a powder based inhaler to take this during the fast in order to control their asthma that has suddenly flared up?
Also with the chronic asthma the person suffers from episodes of severe cough. In the past they have always fasted during ramadhan as they have been free from the cough.
This year their asthma has flared up resulting in more frequent use of the inhaler to control the cough. They hope the cough will be controlled by steroid pills they have been given to take for 10 days, and plan to return to fasting after this.
In this case does the person need to pay fidya for the fasts they miss or for the full month or do they just make them up after without paying fidya?
Jazakallah Khayrun. May Allah swt reward you for your work in helping and educating the community.