Fasting – Taking medicine during Ramadan

Fasting – Taking medicine during RamadanCategory: ReligionFasting – Taking medicine during Ramadan
Marium asked 5 years ago

I have severe anxiety, depression, and ADHD – I am currently on three different medications prescribed by my doctor since last year. Two of the medicines I have to take at night before going to bed, so that’s not a problem. However, one of the medicines must be taken with food in the morning. The issue is that the medicines I take at night require a full 8-9 hours of sleep and if I interrupt that sleep by waking up for Sehri then I will not be able to fall back asleep afterwards (without taking more medicine which would exceed the dosage) and because it would not be a full night of sleep then it affects memory, brain function, headaches, etc. So this is the first Ramadan that I have been fasting when I have not been able to wake up for Sehri unfortunately. I started taking my morning medicine at night as well since I can’t take it in the morning when I wake up for work because then the fast has already started, but that medicine has an effect of insomnia. I’m now in a terrible cycle of being extremely fatigued and anxious and cannot perform at work, plus no quality of sleep. I know it’s only for 30 days, so I’m willing to deal with it for this holy month. My fear is that the lack of sleep is affecting my anxiety and depression and causing it to flair up again, and I am afraid of being back in that low point in my life. Do you have any recommendations around what I should be doing? Would it be permissible to keep my fast except for one small glass of water and medicine in the morning? Are there any other solutions around this? It’s very important that I stay on schedule for my medicines in order to not let my depression become extreme again. I am hoping to find a solution not only for this current Ramadan, but also for future fasts. Thank you so much.