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Family TimeFamily Time
ismail asked 4 years ago

Aassalamu Alaikum,
I am a very less speaking person.
I work a 8.30 am to 5.30 pm job.
I wake up in the morning,go for Fazar Jamat. I come back home, read Yaseen shareef and some Quran.
Then pray Ishraq. After it I go to sleep for a little while, wake up at 7.15 am. Get ready for job.
Leave home at 8.15 am. After work I directly go to masjid and pray Zohar and Asar, come back home.
I be at home with the family. Get ready to go to masjid for Maghrib. Come back home, take dinner,
get ready for Isha Jamat. Come back home from masjid and go to sleep.
On holidays and off days I pray all namaz in masjid and all other time I am at home.
Sometimes I go out with my family and after coming home I pray all missed namazs and Isha and then
go to sleep.
I take care of some groceries.
I have sexual relation with my wife on Fridays and/or Sundays.
During winter I come back home after work, be with the family.
Before going to Isha, I pray all the missed namazs.
Am I doing all things right.  My family members complain that I don’t have time for them,
especially my wife.
Please guide and oblige.
Please keep it personal.
Please email.
A brother.