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amina asked 5 years ago

let me start by telling you that I am a Muslim young girl. I have some very overprotective parents. Which means I must not sleep out, must not party, maybe only bile, must not be late out -max 20-00. Don’t go in the city, don’t take out much, don’t go out when it’s late / dark. Limiting everything
Should even be pulled on my phone !!! My big sister. From two years since New Year’s Eve, they called her a lot, but she didn’t answer them. So they chose to go out and look for her. And they found out many things about her. That she has had sex, drunk alcohol, lied about many things, been in town, and everything possible. It was bad. She came home and they expected her to tell what she had done and lied about all her time. But she chose instead to take 50 panodiles and end up in the hospital. She then considered moving away from home. And my parents said that if she did, they would lose contact and not have her as their daughter. And my mother praised that she just wanted to die herself. It was hard for me all this stuff. But they ended up taking her to the mosque and talking, and after that she became very religious like them.
Now to me. This has ended in a great over-protection of me. A limitation of my life. A bad daughter-parent relationship. For example, they must have my location on the phone and monitor me! It is too much! Or that I can’t do anything! Don’t even be social. My life consists of training, school, eating and sleeping. When I ask about something, they get tired of me and shout. They have even shouted they are tired of me and my many problems. My problems are that I want to be social simply. From a year ago I completely disengaged myself from the community and used training as an excuse for my friends, but I simply couldn’t do it anymore. Was too lonely and it’s hard. I can no more. My life is nothing
second of all, I used to be really religious, but after they began treating me like that, they made me loose how I use to be. I can’t even find myself, can’t even talk to Allah or be as religious as I use to because of the.
You may say I should talk to them. Every time I talk to them, they just yell at me, they yell at me when im sad, when I don’t have time, when I wanna go out, when I think a way I shouldn’t, when I don’t have the personality they want me to. I feel so bad. I know they do it to protect me, but its not this way they should, they should not make me loose my religion.
I want some alone time, to find myself, to find my religion, to come closer. I know the world is full of shayteen and haram things, I know its easy to fall for that stuff. But why live in fear of something happening if its not sure. I am strong.
I just can’t do it anymore. I wanna move out.
Not just that. But my parents shout and yell at me even when I ask them something, yesterday my mom yelled at me just when I was trying a t- shirt for her. I told her that it is to big, she didn’t agree, I said im just gonna return it, I went out from the kitchen. And she yelled ‘where are you think you are going, go show it to your dad, I am so tired of you.’. and let me tell you that se didn’t yell she scream, and the way she looked me in my eyes, I never forget that. I got so afraid.
and another thing. when I was little I was overweight. You know how I was treated that time? They called me fatty, an elephant, ugly, not girly. screamed at me when they saw me eating unhealthy. I wasn’t even fat. My mom also she made me sad so many times. I don’t wanna remember that time, I was 13 at that time, and I wanted to kill myself. but I didn’t cause I love Allah and I know it is wrong.
you may say, try talk with your parents. But I tried. I tried so many times, they yell at me, when I cry they get mad at me, and you know what, this isn’t love.
I can’t do this anymore, and they made me lose faith. I wanna live alone. but I still don’t wanna lose them.