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Bilal asked 5 years ago

Assalamualaikum.How are you
I am Bilal,living in Qatar, lost my dad so i am the responsible person at my home and i recently graduated in Mechanical engineering and the job market for freshers is really hard,everyone wants experience.So people told me to add fake experience and after trying for a lot of time(months) i hardly got any reply being sad i added fake experience and i landed a job didn’t took the salary and left it even before completing one month.Again i tried with fresher resume but didn’t get any interview call.Added fake experience and got selected in a company,trust me i can say it was my dream job but again fake experience is haunting me,if i join with fake experience will it effect my earnings,will it be halal or haram,by the way the experience i added is of field work and the job is for sales so it’s no relation and fake experience was in construction industry, and current job is in oil and gas sector,so the experience and job description aren’t related,but still fake is fake.What’s you say on this.I have very less time to decide.Please Guide me Jazakallahu Khair