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Imrana asked 8 years ago

I was hoping you could answer a question I wanted to ask you, about something I saw today after sehri today.
I closed my fast/roza and went outside into my garden afterwards. At this point everyone in my house was asleep, so it was quiet. Also, there was a small amount of daylight outside as the sun was beginning to rise after Fajr prayer.
However it was also very quiet outside too. There was no noise of birds, cars, cats fighting or wind in the trees or anything that you can usually hear the sounds of during this time. It was completely silent, and I don’t think it has ever been this way before. It was peaceful but also a little frightening. Right now there is more daylight outside so you can hear all the birds and cars and everything else. But for about 5-10 minutes after Fajr it was completely silent.
I wanted to ask you if this is normal. Is it always like this during Fajr time? Or is there another explanation for this?