Fairness in polygamy

Fairness in polygamyCategory: ReligionFairness in polygamy
Fatima asked 7 years ago

Please I want to seek clarification on fairness in marriage.
I married my husband last year March. He is married and has 1st wife and 3 children live in another state. 2 months ago he was transferred to another state where neither of his wives live. A few weeks ago he was transferred to the state where his 1st wife and 3 children live while I am here in another state.
I am able to take 5 days a month to work in the state he is in now so we can spend time together and he said he is able to come to the state I work one weekend a month. Is it ok for him to spend the 5 days with when I am in the state where he now works in and living with his 1st wife and then return back to his other wife’s house whilst i am gone since I only get to spend the 5 days and 3 days of 1 weekend every month? This mean a total of 8 days will be for me and the rest of it for her since they stay in the state? Or does he have to share the 5 days btw us when I am visiting him in the state. What is fair? Thanks