Salma asked 7 years ago

Asalam alaikum
Hope your well and in the best of health. I have seen a short video on YouTube where I have obtained your email address, I have a question my sister has a form of alopecia hair loss she is single and this is an issue when it comes to marriage. Recently a neighbour has mentioned to my parents they know of someone who she can go to who reads a dua on the person putting some clay or sand on her head where she has the bald patches. The clay/sand has previously been recited on from quranic recitation and it helps hair growth. The person doing it has said its free of charge because it’s Allah swt blessing he is able to recite the dua and it helps people, he also claims its Islamic quranic Duas, I am a little sceptical and was wondering should we consider this help whether this is halal to do?? Please if you can help me clarify this matter.
Jazakh Allah khair