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Rehan Bashir asked 4 years ago

Sallam sheikh, first of all i want to say thank you for your time in viewing and answering my question. I am 15 years old and for about the last 5 years i had been making dua that i wanted very good grades for my final exam in my secondary school i had even went to mekkah and medinah and begged for me to do well in my exams. Now due to coronavirus i was not able to do my exams and i have been given average grades predicted by teachers due to exams being cancelled. I was very miserable and cried alot due to my exam results and i wanted to do a course in doctery as i move on in life but this is very hard now due to my grades. I don’t know if it is due to my sins my dua not being accepted or if it is because i keep fighting with my sibling and i dont listen to my parents sometimes i also have a masturbation addiction. I am unsure how i need to better myself and live a calm peaceful life with my dream job of being a doctor as well as having good grades. Moreover, i am unsure why my dua isn’t answered. I want to impress my family and show them i am capable of much more then they expect. Jzakallahkhair