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Yasmeen asked 8 years ago

May someone interpret this dream for me. It was a very clear dream.
I was in a town, I’m not sure where, that was under attack by some evil man,m causing mayhem. Me and a team (of around 7 people, male and female) were trapped in one location further to the end of town, and we knew another team was in town. Two of my team mates with me were locked away in a different room, being tortured I think. Me and the rest were in another room, kitchen maybe, in pain and tied to chairs. I think the evil man was trying to get information from us, I remember him telling us what’s going on with our team in the other location. The evil man gets really mad and so we don’t know if our team mates are alive anymore. He brings one of them from the other room and cuts him in the stomach with a piece of broken glass from a food jar, and then I think he madd us have the blood on bread (although I don’t think I actually saw the blood). We make a deal with him, 3 of us to go and get him what he wants, I’m not sure what. He agrees. When we get out of the building, the town looks empty and very ruined. We find a tractor kind of car, tall and large. It has no doors, open from all sides. We get on it. Me and one other female in the backseat, one (male) in front, driving. We’re driving, quite quick. Suddenly a huge police truck (size of big garbage trucks) comes in the road we were going to get on (felt like we could almost crash so we backed up) and is headed towards where we were kept. A small one follows after. We get out of the way and continue on. To avoid main roads incase there are other cars we turned around and took the alleys. It lead us through a empty parking with a fence to a road higher up and then by a field of brownish green grass and tall trees. We were driving and I saw a circular bridge/highway in the distance. Suddenly, wolves were running near us in the field (3, a black/white husky like, a white and a brown) with 1 or 2 people (owners?) trying to maneuver them to stay in the field. The wolves got close to our car, we didn’t want to hurt them so we slowed down when the black came too close to the front tires (it seemed like it was smiling which scared me a bit). They all started running in the road around us so We had to go into the field and they kept following us and keat close and I said out loud in the dream ‘why are they coming so close?!’. Right after, a bubbly substance splashed on the male teammates neck as he was driving, and from under the steering wheel he pulled a very tiny dead squirrel out, it looked like it had burned. He freaked out but kept going, he looked so sad. He wiped his neck. Me and the other teammate in the back seats were confused about the wolves still. They seemed to be smiling still, it was weird to me. Suddenly I feel a thump and hear (in my head?) ‘it was so easy to jump on’. And I’m confused in the dream and start to turn to my left (note: I usually sleep on my left arm) and suddenly I see the Black wolf from the corner of my eye and it comes and bites (or) almost bites my left ear. But I felt it’s heaviness on my have. Right then, due to the impact, I wake up and I see I was sleeping on my back.
I’m sorry for the long post but it will be greatly appreciated if someone interprets. Me and my mother have been having negative feelings this week, like something is around the house. We pray every night however yesterday she felt an encounter. Hence why I feel this dream has a meaning.
Thank you.