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Ash asked 4 years ago

Assalamualaikum. My name is Nurul and I am 22 years old.. a few days ago I had a snake dream.. In the dream i was with my mom, dad and brother and then theres 2 snakes( big and smaller one) in the house which my dad borrow it from his friend .. and the big snake stare at me which made me scared( I remember being so scared in the dream) and hide behind my mom, I kept telling my family that I was afraid but they say that its okay.. then my dad took both of the snake and put it in the refrigerator and said that the snake will faint but not die. So the snake cant harm us. He was going to give to his friend the next day because his friend ia going to eat it..

Then I got shock and wake up.. Its been on my mind for a few days now.. is it just a nightmare or ??

Because after that I found out that i have a cyst.. is that the dream meaning or?

Thank you