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Sahil Ali asked 3 years ago

Assalamu alaykum, i have seen a positive dream couple of days ago I really need the interpretation, I saw a strange dream yet very curious and a positive one, I saw myself praying in Mecca sharif mosque, and the imam who was leading the prayer was quite young in his 30s and the strange part is that whilst leading the salah he was wearing headphones and leading the salah, as the big mosques have lot of mic in front of the imam, in the dream it was also the same, and more stranger part is that the imam did salam which we do after finishing prayer, he did it whilst standing and holding his hands like in salah and that salah was very short, and in that dream itself I felt bit strange but I saw everyone was very happy, and everyone started to depart and I was too but amidst the huge crowd I saw an old man who was very happy, as soon as we gazed at each other we for no reason hugged each other immediately, it was a very warm hug, the kind of hug which we feel on Eid day, and after that the I felt very very happy and positive and the dream ended. Please I need to know the interpretation because I saw the imam praying in a unusual way. JazakAllahKhairun.