Mohamed asked 4 years ago

Salam Aleikhon,
I had a dream that i was taken by a man that in this dream was like a friend. he took me to open a door and when i open the door was a gray plasma wall. I was afraid but this person told me to go because it would benefit me. this place was to see Allah. when i crossed the plasma wall, I was in this dark dimension. the floor was dark and the top was dark. Soon as i crossed, I bowed and started praising to Allah. In my dream, i felt the presence of Allah till i saw a face of a dark skin complex man who was ball head and curvy bear. His face was large and i had to look up to see his face. After i saw his face, i believed i said you not Allah. I felt as he told me to Praise to Allah and ask Allah for forgiveness. Also, i remember a a big wall, like a fort wall coming from the dark space. I turned to a different direction, away from the face and wall, and bowed back to Allah in a different direction that was away from the face and wall.