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Ontu asked 4 years ago

so in the last days of ramadan after ifter i was asleep and when i woke up i wanted to mastrubate but i knew i had to pray so i cant . right then a thought came to my head . if you say you worship your desires wont it solve your problems it said . my mind wasnt at the right place because you know i just woke up . so at that moment it was a great idea to me . i didnt even think about shirk . i was saying inside my head that i worship rhen i stopped and after some moment i said out loud that no i worship Allah and got up . but i am addicted to mastrubation . i am not letting it interrupt my prayers tho . now when i mastrubate i feel like i am doing shirk . so is it shirk because i said i worship Allah and that time my mind wasnt at the right place . 
moreover . if i said (my mind wasnt at place) it then i know i would have to renew my faith but what should i do about my addiction then . 
furrhermore, do i have to leave all of my desires ? as a human thats nearly impossible. 
thanks in advance 
ps : i asked for forgiveness and renewed my faith and asked Allah for an answer and i think that if i limit it then its not shirk its just a sin but i shouldnt do that . thanks . the ayah that bothers me is in surah jasiah ayat no 23 where Allah said that who ever takes his desires as god Allah will not guide them in the right way .