Doubts if wudhu is broken

Doubts if wudhu is brokenDoubts if wudhu is broken
Luba Choudhury asked 4 years ago

Assalamu alaikum. I have a question regarding wudhu being broken due to farting. Most of the time I pray salaah, especially when I go into sujood, and when i stand up from sujood, I feel these contractions around the anal area, sometimes I have one, like a pop, sometimes i have a couple together. They feel like a fart, but because they are small, usually I do not feel something exiting the anus. For wudhu to be broken do i have to feel something (wind) exit the anus because sometimes with small farts you may not actually feel wind exit. I am confused as to whether they are small farts or if its just the muscles contracting and creating this feeling. Sometimes I will feel these contractions and they will create a warmth when they contract but again I do not feel anything exit the anus. Is my wudu still intact as long as I didnt feel the release? This happens everytime I pray which is why I think it may just be the muscles and not an actual fart but its causing me to redo my wudu. Jazakallah for your help.