Doubt about iman

Doubt about imanCategory: ReligionDoubt about iman
Syed Subhani asked 4 years ago

It’s like I am getting waswas and doubts , for example like why did a loving Allah make a mechanism where most of his creation will go in hell fire can a kind god make something evil.

The thought which is troubling the most is that when my friends talk about reincarnation and enlightenment being the way where everyone will get a chance to attain, nobody will end or go to hell eventually

So becoz of this ongoing waswas I dealt with it by somehow saying that u get many chances right in the enlightenment way but in Islam only once so this time I will stick and hold on to Islam, later life we will see what to do…I did this thought to dodge and escape from the waswas of satan but I just realized that now this has become a heavy burden on me,

As I hold my iman very very very dear to me so I’m scared if such a thought is only a waswas thought or is it a belief now , how do I differentiate ??

As every action in Allah is as per intention, so it’s very uneasy on my heart and im getting palpitations because I don’t know my state in Islam right now which is frightening me