Domestic abuse and marriage

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Iqra asked 5 years ago

I’m a 19 year old Muslim girl who was abused at young age by my adoptive parents, I left home at 18 and went back to my birth parents where I was getting forced to get married to someone without my consent, I had never met this man nor did I want to, I stayed quiet at first as I though I shouldn’t listen to my parents but I couldn’t take it, they hadn’t no right to force marriage upon me, they started treating me like I’m useless, they called me a piece of charity, I left home as my dad tried to take us Pakistan without our consent, now I’m living alone with my younger sister whom also experienced the same thing as me. Once we left we phoned home and we wer told that they never wanted to see us again and that we should never come back, they disowned us on the spot. 
I wanted to know can we still get married without our family or parents, our parents have disowned us and were practically orphans ? 
Thank you please do get back to me