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Farheen asked 4 years ago

Assalamualaikum sheikh I need clarification in regards to the lessening of the 2 kiras reward in relation to keeping a dog at home? Also, I keep hearing to keep guard dogs outside… but what about in cold climates where much of the year is under snow. I see many dogs in shelters awaiting euthanasia… is the alternative to leave them out in the cold winter?… isn’t it better as Muslims to save them and bring them home even if not for protection than to leave them for such sad fates of either being in the shelter our being out in harsh climate?… wouldn’t the reward of saving an animal from that be more in comparison to the 2 Kira loss?… Also, most of us in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, New York don’t have large homes or spaces or even backyards that allow possibility of having an outdoor dog… many of us live in less than 600 sq feet and no balcony therefore don’t have a “separate” living space for dogs… again… is it better to leave the poor creatures suffering in shelters or out in cold winters than to bring them home and give them love and compassion?… please I hear 2 sides (1) can keep them as guard dogs but only outside (2) completely impermissible… but no one talks about these additional variables… also what about in the context of the angels not entering your home?…