Divorce support

Zahia asked 7 years ago

Salam,  I’m trying to marry a man, but my family is giving me a hard time. We agreed that our mahr will be $5,000. My family is fine with this. The issue, however, is signing the marriage contract and adding in divorce support should my future husband divorce me. In Palestine, we call this the metakhir. It’s supposed to be support from the husband if he divorces. My family wants him to sign $10,000 on the contract. I have never heard of this in Islam, and my family isn’t willing to marry us unless my future husband signs off on it.  I am a Palestinian American, and the guy I want to marry is Algerian. Their culture does not add in divorce support in the nikkah contract and he does not want to sign off on it as he finds it haram. Are there any findings that prove divorce support is in the nikkah? We are both miserable and tired. Please someone advise me on what to do.