Divorce enquiry urgent

Divorce enquiry urgentCategory: RelationshipsDivorce enquiry urgent
Sonia Afzal asked 4 years ago

Me and my husband were very happy together but his family wasn’t happy with me for not fulfilling my duties towards them properly. 
My husband never complained of me unless they had some issues and he would support them. 
we all stayed together in a one bedroom flat for 5 months and problems became extreme. It was the first 5 months of our marriage. We didn’t get enough privacy or space. 
Now the Matter has gone so far, that they want us to divorce. Me and him don’t want to but they tell my husband that if he doesn’t they will either leave him forever, get a heart attack or he will end up having God forbid children with problems or never settle in his life if he stays with me. the situation is very unfortunate and he doesn’t want to divorce me. what can we do to solve the problem?