Divorce due to no relationship in Marriage

Divorce due to no relationship in MarriageCategory: RelationshipsDivorce due to no relationship in Marriage
Ahmed asked 5 years ago

Have been married 20yrs.  For most of the time my wife stays up all night with her online business, tv and praying until Fajr time.
We do not have a healthy relationship as i get up early when she goes to bed.  Since marriage she has always gone bed very late 2-3am and wakes up at 1pm. 
She also avoids sexual relationship as it a real hassle as it takes her an hour to have a shower and so no relationship is allowed till after Fajr prayers since she is not bothered to have a shower in the morning before Fajr.
We have 3 children but as there is hardly no sexual relationship in the marriage is this good grounds for divorce since she refuses to change!!
Also against my strong wishes she brings her friend and husband to my house.  I inforned her that in Islam the Man has a right to refuse who comes to his house but she said that I cannot refuse her friends as she has no family in the uk!!.  She meets her friends outside every few days.  Who is right here!!