Humera Hamid asked 5 years ago

Salam ulakum
My husband of 17 years is planning to divorce me in a few weeks.
we have had a unhappy marriage, and he is now wanting to divorce.
i asked him yesterday for all the household expenses and bills so that I can get myself in financial order for when he goes.
he listed everything for me. Leaving him with nothing to pay. Mortgage, utilities, credit cards and our children’s phone bills. 
We have two children aged 12 and 13. Boy and girl.
my question is does he have responsibility towards the bills? I feel like he is walking away care free leaving me with everything to worry about.
What can I ask him in regards to this?
also after the second divorce what happens? Does he stay in the house until the third divorce?
we have already had 1 divorce a year ago.
Jazakalla kher