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shan syed asked 4 years ago

Asalam o alekum my name is zeshan i am Pakistani currently in germany . Sir i have 2 questions i tried asking lots of molvis in Pakistan but non of them were able to give me straight answer .
1 if a person send a writen divorce to wife from abroad but that that divorce paper never reached wife is that divorce efective .. divorce was sent only written no verbal divorce was given..
I was tricked and misslead by my lawyer in pakistan into signing 3 divorce in one paper he told us it is the only legal procedure for sending divorce from abroad which turned out to be a lie in this case how many divorce is counted i told my lawyer if this is the procedure i am sending you this paper but do send my x 3 different divorce on 3 different occasion so that if my x want to talk about the issue we can work somthing out but my lawyer did not follow my instruction at all and filed 3 div at the same time eliminating any chance of reconciliation at all he did that just as short cut so that he would not have to do alot … ..
Thank you for your time
Asalam o alekum