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Ali asked 4 years ago

asalamalakim, I hope I can get an answer as soon as possible. I am a single mom of 2 kids. About a year ago I met a guy who lived in Africa on Facebook who I thought was the one for me. Everything change once I married him. I had left the US to go to Africa to marry him. He told me many lies like he had money and he was a sweet guy but after we got married he changed. He started being mean to me and started demanding for me to send him money. When we get in an argument he just cuts me off and not speak to me for months. I am tired of him I just want to divorce him but he is refusing. He told me he will never give me my talaaq and I will forever be alone. I send him Messages begging him to divorce me for months now but he stop communicating with me. Please help me I just want to get out of this marriage. Btw he never paid for my mahr and once I went to Africa I paid for everything. How can I get out of this marriage I am really mentally suffering.