sahil asked 4 years ago

Assalam o Alaikum.. Please help..I got married to a girl 2 years back..but even from second day things are not normal,we had fights always,i married the girl as she dont had father so even i took care for her expenses for marraige,my family accepted this proposal thinking allah will be happy as we marry our son to an orphan,which will have a good life after marraige.But the girl turns into a different what we expected,always fighting,complaining and then she went her mothers home and started living there.
After 6 months i tried to go to the girl to compromise even i was not wrong,am a upper middle class self good earning guy who always had marraige proposals from eminent families of my city,but we chooses this girl as they were very poor no money to live or eat yet we accepted.
I started consulting doctor for my wifes mental health and 10 months got into these treatments ,she recovered well ,she is 26 dont know quran ,i made her read quran,solat and pressed for hijab.Everything going well as i was expecting that its just a bad phase now things will be normal.
Suddenly i came to know that my wife before marraige had character issues.I asked her but she told dont ask better.After slowly she she opened about her.She told me now that she had physical relations(Zina) with three boys before marriage but now she saying am changed a better person, i have faith in Allah,i repented.I dont know what to do ,to accept or not as am very simply guy with a great value in my society,If i divorce her will Allah punish me for that or if i keep her as she was impure what about my future generations yet to come and my future.As my wife always telling that its not her mistake but her mother never cared for her and she did all that.
Please Advice urgent need of help