Disrespectful Wife ~ More Info !!

Disrespectful Wife ~ More Info !!Category: RelationshipsDisrespectful Wife ~ More Info !!
Martin Camden asked 4 years ago

I ask my wife if she would be so kind as to pass the sugar !!
She spits in my face !!
I tell her that I’m not allowed to slap her, so I ask her what else we should do !!
She recommends that we talk !!
I demonstrate proper respect for her concerns but, every time it comes to my turn to speak about MY concerns, she spits in my face !!
I leave the house as the Qur’an says I should, but what if I’m treated the same way every time i come back !?
Under what circumstances can I divorce her, and what’s the best way to get this albatross completely from around my neck without the UK government hounding me to do what the Qur’an says I should not have to do !?
What does the Qur’an say about wives running rings around their husbands with or without the help of governments that have no idea about any meaning of justice !?
And what does the Qur’an say about achieving justice for all children so involved !?