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Renee asked 4 years ago

Asallam allikum, 
Im reading the Quran right now, and Ive noticed something that I just didn’t fully understand 
in the Quran, multiple times, Allah says that christians and jews  will end up in hell, no matter what 
but I was also taught that Islam isn’t about that? And that people of the books, would be treated based on their actions 
but it also says that the kuffaar and mushrkeen are going to hell, meaning Christians and Jews? 
And that also means that the law of marrying someone that isn’t Muslim doenst work, because a Muslim man can’t marry a mushreeka, but christians are deemed so.
I was just curious, because if that’s  the case, the billion of people, even if they were good, would end up in hell because of their belief? 
why would Allah tell us to let them be, knowing they’re going to hell? 

I apologize for the heavy question, I just really wanna know