Did I commit kufr?

Did I commit kufr?Category: ReligionDid I commit kufr?
Nafisa asked 4 years ago

When browsing the internet I came upon a fatwa in which the scholar was asked a very unnecessary question that may have been a joke and had nothing to do with islam. For example, the person asked “What is the meaning of the word [a name of a TV show]” and the scholar gave a very straightforward and blunt answer of what the TV show’s name meant. It is common for this site to end their fatwas with “Allah knows best”. I already found it funny that someone asked such an unnecessary question. But then I inwardly (or outwardly I’m so confused I don’t remember) laughed at how the scholar added “Allah knows best” at the end because the answer or question had nothing to do with islam and I had a thought that was something like, “Is it necessary to put ‘Allah knows best’ for such a straightforward and known answer. And then I realized what I thought and corrected my view to “Of course its neccessary to say Allah knows best because he does know best and there might be things about the TV show name that we don’t know”. Did I commit kufr and apostasy?