Deleima b/w Free Will and Allah's Plan

Deleima b/w Free Will and Allah's PlanCategory: ReligionDeleima b/w Free Will and Allah's Plan
Salman asked 5 years ago

My question to you is, well i have heard from a lot of scholars that everything that happens, happens by Allah’s will, everything happens according to Allah’s plan. So, why is that we put in efforts to do something difficult, or try to change something that is not good, or any other form of human intervention, if humans have no control over it anyways.
For example, life and death is in Allah’s hands, and no one can kill a person if Allah does not want that person to die. So, suppose a person commits murder, which a major sin in islam, also is a horrible thing to do as a human being, and the person is punished accordingly by law; why does that happen if Allah had planned a person to die that way. If not, then no matter what the other person could not have killed the person, maybe injured but not killed.
Please provide me with a good satisfactory explanation for this if possible. Looking forward to hear back from you soon.