Delaying Marriage/Racism

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solaleh asked 8 years ago

As-salāmu ʿalaykum warahamatula wabarakato 
I am at a crossroads and would like guidance. I am a 22 year old female who comes from a mixed background. My parents are both Shia, my mother practices while my father is just Shia by name. 2 years ago I worked and met a man whom i want to marry now and have been wanting to marry for the past year. He is a honest good Sunni. We spoke and he strengthened my belief and cleared up so much for me. He makes me a better person and i have become practicing. My parents will disown me if they know this so i have not yet told them. I told my father about this man a year ago and it took him 10 months to meet him, every time with a new excuse and reason. They finally met and a family friend was present. The family friend told me they got on perfectly fine but my father has a prejudice towards him only because of his race and the fact that he is Sunni. I have a sister who is 8 years old and my mother fell ill 1 year 6 months ago, anytime i ask what my fathers decision is he says that i mustnt rush and he is not impressed by my choice but i know it is only because of prejudice. My mother even stated she will disown me if i marry him and has recently decided to guilt trip me every second by saying shes sick and needs me. Now i want to marry him and i know i will not have their support. What am i to do?