Omar asked 8 years ago

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.  i have two questions please if you can help, 1i have sinned in the past ways that i can not describe, i have repented and i know Allah s.w.t forgives all sins however i cant help but feel overwhelming guilt that haunts me how can i move on. even though i have stayed away from these sins they still seem to effect me mentally.islam has opened my eyes but this guilt wont leave. is there any advice you can offer?   my 2nd question is that im currently looking for a wife, my question is if she happens to ask me directly about my past should i lie or answer truthfully, i was actually engaged before and decided to tell my fiance the truth  it ended up being a continues problem and she was never able to let it go,    it was not the cause of the breakup however im sure it had a play in it., next time what should i do if anything.