Deceived and abused in marriage

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Anonymous asked 4 years ago

Salaam alaikum
I have been married for 4 years and I have been giving my husband so many  chances to change and be the husband he promised my family and me and I’ve tried bringing him closer to deen but nothing now for the sake of my health and my sanity I can not continue in this marriage please advise me what I should do. Also please can you tell me what my rights are on the following questions  jakakAllah Khair in advance. 
1. My husband conned me into the marriage prior to marriage when my family and I asked if he takes drugs he said no and also said he was financially secure and can support me and said he prayed and kept fasts but he lied about everything. 
My family paid for the wedding, should he be made to pay for what my family spent on the wedding because he conned us and lied and it was because of him the marriage broke down. 
2. He was married before has two kids with his ex wife. He always bought his kids expensive things and gave her cash hundreds regularly and gave her a lump sum of $50,000 to his ex wife while being married to me but gave me no money as support 
My question is am I be entitled to what he spent on his kids and what he gave his ex wife because he never gave me anything?
Also does Islam say spend on your kids but not your wife?
3. He has not even given me my haq mair when he should have given me it on the nikha or soon after. 
My question is does he need to give my haq mair because it was because of him the marriage broke down so should he give that to me?
4. When I came to his country he didn’t do my paperwork and made me work in his small business I worked more then him and he kept all the money never gave me my share of income that i worked and he used money on his drugs bought his kids expensive things and gave money to his ex wife so my share of income he was buying his kids things and gave to his ex wife should I be entitled to my share of income money? 
5. Also had he done my work permit I would have been able to do my own job and save my income in the 4 years of being married because he didn’t do my paperwork he deprived me from earning an income can I ask for an approx figure for the 4 years of lost income? 
He claims he has no money to give me, he comes from a wealthy family he will obviously get money from his father so why can his father not pay out of share he will give him.  I’m not asking him for a mortgage free house like his ex wife did I just want what I invested into the marriage and what I could have potentially earned in the 4 years please advise. 
Also In the 4 years he let his ex wife swear at me everyday. I was good to his ex wife and his kids but still she was abusive and his kids disrespected me and he never raised his voice to his kids even when they did something wrong but always swore and shouted at me, he abused me always, what does Islam say about this? 
And his ex wife told me that my husband will never do anything for me because his kids and her needs will always come first and even if I have kids her kids will come first what does Islam say about that?  if a man has kids with ex wife does his kids come first always and he doesn’t have to provide for wife in my case I had no income apart from working with him and even that was taken from me his ex wife had 4 incomes coming but still always complained she has no money!
When I got married his ex wife was so abusive and stressed me so much that my body shut down since then I’ve been seeing a specialist having MRI scan and blood test dnd taking medication to get my health back to normal and then finding out he is a drug addict and abuse from him my health deteriorated more. This is a brief snippet of what I went through in the 4 years. 
Please advise me on the above as I am very unwell and stressed out. 
JazakAllah Khair