Dealing with abusive family members

Dealing with abusive family membersCategory: RelationshipsDealing with abusive family members
Roufiat Ayinde asked 4 years ago

I have a formerly abusive and toxic brother. 
In the past I will regularly get into physically fights with my brother, as we grew older, the fights got worse and worse so I decided to distance myself away from him any time i got angry, only with the intention of not allowing fights to get violent. I suffered from anger problems, and wasnt a strong muslim back then, but Alihamdullilah I can control my anger now. However, it got to a point where we were no longer speaking, but for the sake of safety i thought was this best option, not knowing the sin of cutting family ties.
In recent times my brother has disrespected and abused my mum to the point that he has put her in hospital, he has also invaded the privacy of my room and hurt me seriously on multiple occasions, bruising my head for example. He has tried to steal my items, but sometimes has just hurt me out of sheer anger over trivial things. 
Although i forgave him for all he did, prepared food for him at times, i honestly i am still scared of being hurt (physically) again, so I kept my distance from him, but still spoke to him.  Honestly, i have let go of all anger and resentment against him, but I dont think it safe or sensible to speak to him unnecessarily. He has taken this as offense and he regularly lies about me to other family members, telling them that Ive done wrong (because i keep my distance) and makes my life difficult in general, and refuses to speak to me at all.  I fear that Allah will be displease with me because i dont speak to him, because of the sin severing family ties, which i have recently come to knowledge of.