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Safiya hassan asked 4 years ago

I watched a video on Instagram it was a narration about a person suspected of being dajjal I’m sure you are aware of it he’s name was safi it was a sad story I am fascinated with his story it eats into my curiosity I’m scared that I feel sorry for him the suspected man it was a mysterious story then I watched about the boat incident I’m so drawn to it I’m fascinated and scared that this fascinating is bad and that I being a woman if he comes now will follow him so how do I prevent that and is my facination bad. I’m fascinated with day of judgement they are my biggest fears and yet I research them a lot. I’m scared I’m a hypocrite because the affect of promising to do better in Islam is short like a sugar rush I’m driven by fear not natural love of Allah am I a bad person?
Sorry for the essay