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Sima asked 5 years ago

Asalaam u alaykum brother, I have no one else to ask. I listened to your talk about cursing in islam. I recently made a huge error- I got into a serious disagreement with my sister and we started to curse eachother. I was indeed at fault. She cursed me, and I had wronged her. So that means the curse comes straight to me. How can I remove this? I gave Sadaqah on her behalf and we resolved our problem- but I am feeling very regrettable and sadness, I am scared of the curse. I have learnt so much this argument to now stay away from such words. I will definitely never curse again as it’s cost me a lot. I did wrong her and if I deserved the curse it comes to me…now I am cursed. I cried to Allah SWT begging for forgiveness and asking HIM to remove such curses on me. Is there any Dua I can read? I am stuck with this curse?