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Michael asked 5 years ago

Dear muslims
i am lately reading a lot about islam and i think it is a beatiful religion but i have some things that i do not understand and which seems illogical to me.
 In the story of creation allah created iblees before mankind, and iblees was a  servant of allah for a long time. One day he did not follow allahs command of bowing to adam and had therefore to leave heaven and was damned. But before creating iblees, allah knew (he is allwise allknowing) that at some point iblees will not follow his commands and therefore he has to punish him one day. Why did he still consisted to create him, knowing that this will happen at some point of time and he will even punish humans with him? So basically he knew that giving iblees free will will lead him and a alot of humans astray and he still went on with creating them? 
 everytime i asked a muslim this question the answer was “because allah does what he wants”. but i think there should be more than that.
i hope you understand my confusion and thank you for the answers.