Confused about my marriage

Confused about my marriageCategory: RelationshipsConfused about my marriage
Aisha asked 4 years ago

Assalam alaikum. 
It’s to hard for me to explain and share what I m going through right now and there is no one who can guide me instead of pointing or judging or blaming me. 
I am interested in someone else but my parents got me married to someone whom I wasn’t interested my nikah was done within a month so i agreed to my husband proposal in the pressure I got engaged and there was 15 days left for nikah after one day of engagement itried to speak with my mom and sister as they were aware about my interest with the person I told them I m gonna reject this guy as I m not interested In him at all but they refused to help me as they said my father and the society there will be a big disaster as we have 15 days left I cant do anything now nobody gaved me chance to speak or to say NO.. 
Now I got married already its been more than a 4 months but I have no feelings for my husband and I can’t give him his rights he is a good person but the problem is I don’t Love him I have no feelings for him even I tried but nothings changed I can’t stay forever like this it’s sooo hard believe me I’ve spoke to my sister if I can apply for khula or something but as usual I know nobody is going to help or support me as per society and culture they think divorce women is a Characterless women or not a right women.
Please would you help me or give me suggestions what to do 
I will be expecting your reply.
IN Sha Allah.
JazakAllah khairan.