Confused about my future

Confused about my futureCategory: RelationshipsConfused about my future
Anonymous please asked 7 years ago

Assalamu Alaikum,
Im a 16 year old boy from Pakistan. I am bestfriends with a girl of my school whos a year junior to me since three years.
A few months back, we found out about our feelings towards one another and we confessed. Althougg we have the utmost respect towards each other we have kissed few times. Now we are regretting it because we know of the sin. And I feel ashamed because I have a sister and I dont want anyone to do that to her.
Please know that i really love her and I have planned a future with her and only her.
When we confessed, she talkrd to her parents immediately and i talked to immediately. Although her parents have agreed, my mother agrees on sending a proposal only when I am.of age.
I have to talk to my father now because i dont want us to indulgein further gunah. I want to.have a halal relationship with her as soon as possible.
Please guide me in the light of Islam as to how can I convince my parents about sending a proposal at this age because as far as I know Islam hasnt opposed early marriages, and how do I talk to my father and assure him that although we are at a tender age, my feelings towards her are pure.
I cant cut ties with her after all this. Please help me.