Communicating with Allah through Quran

Communicating with Allah through QuranCategory: ReligionCommunicating with Allah through Quran
Mishu Islam asked 5 years ago

Allah guided me by use of Quran, I was looking for a song but instead stumbled upon surah Ar-Rahman, everytime, since then I interact with Quran by asking Allah questions and I feel like I receive answers to my questions. For example, I had a really bad relationship with my father since the last 5 years or so and this Ramadan he made an attempt to reconcile and although at first I was against it, I asked Allah for guidance on a matter and opened the Quran and came across the ayah that says to not even say ugh to parents in their old age and I came across other ayahs that kept telling me to reply to my father and I did and we reconciled in a nice manner. Another time while looking at the night sky my mother said to me Allah’s creation is perfect and I argued that Allah’s creation cannot be perfect and only Allah is perfect and with that in mind I randomly opened the Quran and it came on this ayah 67:3-67:4 . I was astonished. To give you a few examples once I deviated from Allah and then had a heartbreak which brought me back to Allah and when I was asking Allah if He knew why I was hurting I opened the Quran and it came upon the word Sakib which is the name of the person who broke my heart. Due to these instances I open the Quran seeking an answer from Allah about what I should do or what is happening and I get guidance. My question is, is this allowed in Islam? Are there any hadith or does it say anywhere in the Quran that we can communicate with Allah like this?