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A.Z asked 4 years ago

Hello there. I’m not a Muslim and by the title you’d think I’d be here to cause drama( not here for that i promise). I’m here because a child could be in danger. This is a long story so bear with me.
I was on one of Zakir Naik’s video about polygamy and i was scrolling through the comments and came across one which had 70 replies. I got curious and read all of them. It was posted by a woman who’s husband is marrying another girl and the woman supports this. I dont care much for that but then in one of her other comments she says this girl is 10. Now its possible that the husband will wait a few years before having intercourse with the girl but it doesnt seem like that at all. Judging by her previous comments, her husband is not a good man and the woman said that he specifically wanted a young virgin girl.
I was furious and I sent her some not so nice messages. During our little fight in the comment section, i find out about some of her beliefs.

  1. She doesn’t believe in ‘modern morality’ and only believes in it if its in the Quran.
  2. She said there is no age requirement in Islam so i asked her if a baby were to get married and have intercourse with an adult man, would that be wrong? She said no.
  3. I asked her if she believes in killing ex muslims and she said yes.
  4. She says men are superior to women
  5. ‘If it was wrong then Allah wouldn’t have written it in the Quran’ when i said that a child and adult having sex is wrong these days.
  6. She says anyone who believes child marriage or killing an apostate is wrong is a Muslim apologist and is ashamed of their religion. 

Those are some of her beliefs. And she refuses to see anything wrong with it because she doesnt accept science or ‘modern morality and its been pointed out that her husband is well a scum but she doesnt see that.  
Those are some of her beliefs and apparently the Quran backs up her claims. I would report her to the authorities if i had more information about her. I am mainly asking you for help because 1. i cant convince her that this is wrong and 2. I dont want to believe that Islam is actually like this.
Please advise me on what to do and say for the sake of this child and this woman’s morality.