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M asked 8 years ago

Asalamualikum brother/sister
I am in a huge predicament and would really appreciate your advice InShaaAllah.
I am a girl 21 years old and have been in a relationship with a man my age for some time now, he proposed marriage to me and has been trying to convince his mother who has been telling him that it is too soon for him to get married, I am currently in my second year of university and he is in his foundation year.
The problem we have now has is we committed zina and have found out that I am now 7 and a half weeks pregnant Alhamdulilah, at first when we found out we both agreed that we will have to do right by Allah swt and get married and take responsibility of this child, he approached my family with this promise and explained he would not be able to tell his mother the truth and will have to speak to his family members individually and tell them he is going to have a nikah with me and appreciate there support later he would break to them I am pregnant, however his family who he has already spoken to have said they are not available to attend any time soon, a week later he is telling me that I must have an abortion as he cannot financially accommodate me and the child whilst he is at university and fears he will have to drop out, as his university is about 100 miles away from both our family homes and I will only have him to rely on for support, I explained that I will take full responsibility for the child and will go live closer to my family who will support me inshallah if we have a nikah as they are not willing to except me or the child if I do not have a nikah with this boy, I am in a situation where I am alone I have lived alone for many years now and there is no possibility for me to live with my mum the boy is refusing for me to have this child however is still proposing marriage, I have explained to him that I want to repent and do not want to kill this child and even if I was to consider then I want to have a nikah asap as I need him for support however he tells me that is not possible to rush into it as he wants to plan it properly with his family, Brother I do not know what to do I have explained to him that the right thing in our situation to do is take responsibility I have told him that we cannot kill this innocent baby in fear of poverty Allah swt will provide for us if we repent however he says that we cannot ruin an entire nation by letting this “haram baby” live nothing I say is persuading him and he tells me I do not fear Allah swt 🙁 it is making me extremely upset and I feel that apart from Allah swt I have nobody and I fear that if I kill this baby Allah swt will not help me it is making me scream shout it is making me very depressed but I feel like I’m left with no option because he is not ready to except the child and is giving me many reasons why he does not want to take responsibility and my family will disown me if I keep this baby without having a nikah what should I do? He has spoken to many shiekhs and imams and they have told him to take responsibility however despite knowing that he is telling me it is not right by Allah swt to bring this child into the world
I would really appreciate if you could get back to me InShaAllah