Aimee asked 5 years ago

Since i was pregnant just over a year ago my husband had started going out with friends getting girls numbers & texting them or downloading bumble or tinder. As you can guess the texts were always flirting and arranging to meet up with them. To this day i do not knos if he ever met up with any of them but i have always forgiven him and tried to move past this and all was good for the last 3 months but then notting hill carnival weekend came and my husband went last year and had a girl dance inappropriately up against him which he tried to hide but i found a video of it. He told me this year that he woildnt go and he was simply meeting up with friends that he hadnt seen for a while. Tonight i found him texting a girl who he tried to disguise her name as his brothers but i had a feeling this was fake so i snooped and i spoke to her and it turned out she had danced with him at the carnival and then he asked for her number and they have been talking for the whole day calling eachother as well. I confronted him about this and he lied to my face. I told him i had proof and he tried to convince me that she thought he was one of his friends. I also found another girls number in his phone however he hasnt messaged her yet. I am asking for help please brother i dont know what to do anymore. He clearly doesnt want a serious relationship i think maybe he feels like he has to stay with me but i would rather he leave me then betray me every couple of months. I just need some advice i dont know what to do anymore and its