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Samruddhi asked 7 years ago

I am Revert 
I was hindu
I live in metropolitan city 
So there are no poor people as such
If there are they are by their will
There are numerous opportunities for people to work and earn
Because here people like to donate
There is group of people who beg all the time
They don’t want to do hardwork so they beg
In islam it is compulsory to donate
But I don’t wanna donate these kind of people 
I am a person who don’t like wasting money 
But I like giving 
I was hindu 
So when I used to go for hindu lectures 
Once pandit said 
Don’t be fooled 
Donate according to donee
If you donate wrong person there will be more harm in society than good 
That thing is in my head till now
So I used to help people who are really in need irrespective of poor or rich
I understand things easily 
So I used to teach my classmates who didn’t used to understand 
I help sinor citizens 
And many more
So is it acceptable???