Cause of suffering in Islam and cure

Cause of suffering in Islam and cureCategory: ReligionCause of suffering in Islam and cure
Bhikkhu Subhuti asked 8 years ago

Hello friend, I am an American Buddhist Monk living in Myanmar. Our school ITBMU in Myanmar assigned us in Religion class to find out what Islam considers to be the root cause of suffering and the cure prescribed by Islam.  For instance, suffering can mean lack of salvation, disunion with allah, etc.  The cure could be submission to Allah’s will and then after death the Muslim is rewarded eternally.  Something like that from my weak knowledge of Islam.  We also want to explore physical suffering too.  Why it (cancer, accidents, health problems, etc) happens to good Muslims?  Perhaps it is a test of faith to Allah?   So if the answer can include mental physical and spiritual suffering this would be good.  I would like references to the Qur’an or any material I can verify online.  
In Buddhism, the question is easy for us to answer.  It is The Four Noble Truths.. which states the cause of suffering and the cure and the Path leading to ending suffering.  For us life itself is suffering and Nibbana is the way out.  Eventually heaven worlds end, and then one is faced with suffering again.  The Buddhist use wisdom to see this and also apply the past life Kamma for physical problems occurring in this life.  
We will also be comparing Christianity to this formula too.  The idea is to be objective and present to the class this coming Thursday.  I did not have luck on Gplus.. quite disappointed..  I googled “how do I speak with an Imam and this website came up.  I hope it works.