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Syeda Mahi asked 4 years ago

Assalamalaikum, I dont know where to start from 
Since my childhood I have hated cats and that’s because I have been scratched by it many a times ,but everything changes by time , I slowly started liking cats i dont even know from where did i get this change of heart and one day my sister bought a kitten and we all liked it a lot , since I dont like buying Persian cats for me all are equal , so we started taking care of this cat , it was so cute Ma sha allah ,but unfortunately it died in front of our eyes in mysterious circumstances which we ourselves dont know , we never cried in such a wayon someones death as we did that time , again we found another kitten   but he too died by electrocution from a transformer, we got another one he died under mysterious circumstances,  currently , we have a kitten ,  it’s fine alhamdulillah cute and lovely , it took some time to tame him and I have been hearing this strange rumour around me , that if a young unmarried girl keeps a cat in her house , then she wont be able to conceive,  at first I did not believe it , but now at least 5 or 6 people have told me the same thing,  what does islam say about kittens ??? I heard our prophet used to love cats and also some people tell me that cats are possessed by Jinns , Hiw can I know if they are posessed by Jinn ??? Please answer my question as soon as possible, it’s a humble request !!!