Can I lie in this situation?

Can I lie in this situation?Category: ReligionCan I lie in this situation?
Aatiyyah Azard asked 4 years ago

I really need some advice as I am unable to discern the best course of action based from my minimal understanding of Quran and Hadith though I am trying. I am around 18/19 years of age and from a Sri Lankan community, and due to development of mental illness, I have been unable to finish my A-Levels [High school]. My parents endevour to tell the people in the community who ask that I have finished my A levels and am getting x results with the purpose of avoiding slander, gossip and difficulty in attaining marriage proposals as they’d have their misconceptions and judgments. I.e. in their eyes, ruin character and reputation. I understand their concern but I want to do the right thing according to the Quran and Hadith and I don’t want to make excuses and justify lying if it isn’t permissible. It doesn’t feel right in my heart but they seem adamant that ‘I am only a child who doesn’t understand’ and they’ll do what they think is right regardless. It doesn’t sit right in my heart to lie if it means I am going against Allah.
Please give me a response on how best to deal with this from your extensive knowledge of the Quran and Hadith insha’allah.
Please do respond soon as I am afraid they’ll start lying soon and I don’t want to be held responsible for facilitating a lie if it displeases Allah.
Please forgive me for any and all shortcomings in my question and speech.
Kind regards,