Can I leave this forced marriage?

Can I leave this forced marriage?Category: RelationshipsCan I leave this forced marriage?
Araba Islam asked 4 years ago

I was recently in a forced arranged marriage. From the beginning I did not like my husband, when I heard about him, I told my parents I wasn’t interested, but my mom installed fear in me saying this is the marriage Allah chose for me and denying it will get me punished. Out of fear I said yes to the marriage. I soon later realized that I have no compatibility or attraction towards my husband, and I begged my mom to call off the marriage, but she instead yelled to kick me out, knowing that I am not financially stable. Now married, I am miserable everyday, my husband is not a bad person, but I am not attracted to him, being intimate with him grosses me out and emotionally damage me. I decided to save up money, divorce, and cut my family off for good since I know I will have to face a lot of insults and verbal abuse from all my relatives. I just want to know, if religious wise am I thinking of doing the right thing?